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Welcome to Here you will find a growing selection of products for use in night disc golf. 



Golf Disc LED Lights - Light up your disc at night with LED lights. These LED's allow you to use your favorite discs at night instead of being stuck with whatever glow discs you have. The LED's make discs much brighter and easier to find then glow discs. Plus the LED's will stay bright for many hours unlike glow discs which must be periodically recharged.


Glow Discs - Charge them up and your ready to throw. A growing variety of disc golf discs are available in glow versions.


Blacklights - Use blacklights to charge up your glow discs.


Electroluminescent Wire Kits - Use electroluminescent wire (also called cool neon) to light up disc baskets or other types of disc golf targets.


LED Disc Golf Basket Markers - These blinking-red LED lights will blink for months on a single pair of AA batteries.  Use them to mark your disc golf baskets or other disc golf targets.


Laser Pointers - Work well for pointing out baskets at night. Ideally each group of players should have a least 2 pointers so one player can point out the target while the other is throwing. It's hard to point your laser at the target and throw at the same time!



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